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The potential paths ahead for the Ukraine war

By Sam Sachdeva, Newsroom

Kyiv's recent wins against the Russian invasion have led some to dream of Putin being driven out of Ukraine with his tail between his legs - but such an outcome is highly unlikely, according to experts who warn of a protracted conflict

The Russian invasion of Ukraine may be heading towards either a bloody stalemate or an escalation involving direct conflict between the world’s largest two nuclear powers, a former CIA analyst has warned.

However, experts remain optimistic there is still a path to peace if both sides can be persuaded to head to the negotiating table and reach a diplomatic accord.

The state of the conflict in Ukraine, and the potential paths ahead, was the topic of discussion at an event hosted by non-partisan Kiwi foreign policy think-tank Diplosphere on Monday.

The views expressed in this article are the author's own and do not necessarily reflect Diplosphere's stance.

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