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Pictures of the future:
daily life in a world governed by AI

29 August  2023 | Tākina Wellington Convention & Exhibition Centre

Welcome to the most important discussion of our time! 

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To attend, speak, support or exhibit at the conference.

We anticipate 500 participants.

  • AI & Me, what does daily life look like? 

  • Jobs - Where are they? What are they? Where will my children be working? 

  • Food: What will be on our plates?

  • Government regulation: How to strike a balance between safety and innovation? What does good look like? 

  • Investment/Business: Opportunities for NZ to lead and succeed in this new world

  • Philosophy - What does it mean to be human and what can we strive for? 

  • Innovation & Creativity - Artists, how will they survive in a world of Deep Fakes?

  • Climate: What's going on? How does AI affect climate?

  • Geopolitics and the role of AI in warfare: How do international relationships change? Are machines fighting?

  • Maori - data sovereignty, perspectives

  • How can NZ lead or shape this?

It’s 2033, less than ten years away, what does daily life look like in world where a new sentient intelligence may be among us? An artificial intelligence on par with, or surpassing our own. This would be an epoch defining development in human civilisation.

Join Diplosphere's visual journey into the future, examining various aspects of daily life impacted by AI. We will explore both the upsides and downsides with experts from Aotearoa New Zealand and around the world, in the short, medium and long-terms. 

The conference - anticipating 500 participants - will help New Zealand design a world-leading approach to this powerful technology as it develops rapidly. It will be a day for policymakers, business leaders, thinkers, artists, entrepreneurs, educators, health professionals, professional bodies, and the public to be inspired and exchange views.

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